In general, logging and messaging aren’t the most glamorous aspects of software engineering, but necessary. Getting logging right, out of the gate, for your project is important. Specifically, what should be in a structured log message?

We’ve built a semi-opinionated library structured-messaging, that enables you to easily create structured logs using Winston.

Original logging dating back hundreds of years.

The post is not about persisting messages or aggregating all messages generated from different compute instances to a single logging destination. It is not about a logging library (see Winston, Bunyan, etc.). It is not about defining an industry-standard (see RFC5424 Syslog, etc.).

This post discusses why you…

Giving configuration values a well-defined context will improve documentation, infrastructure, onboarding new developers, and service/application interoperability (to name a few).

Many configuration libraries are available for basically every language out there. This post is not about those. This post is about setting up the right context for each configuration value.

Why do we need a configuration context?

Advantages of Context in Configurations

Hierarchical Key/Value Store Configuration Sources

A possible source for application and service configurations are Hierarchical Key/Value stores.

Although this post does not focus on any specific cloud provider, and both Google and Azure offer similar services, let us consider the SSM Parameter Store service.

Instances of SSM Parameter…

Thoughts on How Artificial Intelligence Will Have Emotions and Empathy

Baring magic, all human thought, feelings, and emotions are algorithms that evolved over the eons. These algorithms should be reproducible via science. If we can create a “real” Artificial Intelligence, then that Artificial Intelligence would discover any other types of evolved algorithms: including feelings and emotions.

So, how would an Artificial Intelligence go about discovering these evolved algorithms?

Let’s say you’ve written that last line of code for the algorithm of intelligence. You’ve got the golden ticket. The thing everyone has been pining for. A general-purpose algorithm that can reason…

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